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Ensuring Accuracy

The process of instrument calibration in pharmaceutical manufacturing is an important factor in ensuring accuracy. Measurement values are delivered by devices in a test environment and compared against calibration standards of devices with known accuracy. Highly qualified technicians conduct on-site calibrations, program management and maintenance on a wide variety of instruments across a broad spectrum of industries, educational institutions, and government organizations.

At Applied Calibration Services, LLC, our objective is to ensure all process-critical, critical and non-critical instruments required for a particular project are evaluated and calibrated using our reliable software. We offer a full service, A2LA-accredited metrology laboratory with controlled environments dedicated to each division.

Calibration teams are equipped to perform pharmaceutical calibration, metrology and field maintenance on a variety of instruments, including:

  • Electrical devices
  • Pressure devices
  • Temperature devices
  • Humidity devices
  • Timing devices
  • Weighing devices.

All calibrations are traceable to NIST or an equivalent National Standard, and we use the following methodologies and acceptance criteria in all pharmaceutical manufacturing calibration projects.



All equipment used in the execution of a document is listed, showing the following details alongside its identification or serial number:

  • the model and manufacturer,
  • variable that the equipment is used to measure,
  • the date its last pharmaceutical calibration expires,
  • the calibration standard, and
  • the location where the original Calibration Certificate can be found (or attach copies of calibration certificates to this protocol).

The team member responsible for completing the list places his/her initials and the current date in the spaces provided. For documentation to comply with the acceptance criteria, the form must be completed in full and provide a list of the equipment used, which must be calibrated and traceable to a calibration standard. All data sheets and documentation require signature and approval and must be kept available on file for inspection.

We also provide ongoing pharmaceutical calibration, value engineering, preventative maintenance SOPs and the implementation of site safety standards and procedures after commissioning is completed.

The Highest Quality Calibration Services

At Applied Calibration Services, our team is committed to delivering the highest level of service. Our experience combined with commitment has provided a successful record of accomplishments to world leaders in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry since 2004. This is evident by the continued return of our customers in search of our services for their project requirements.


Contact us today to discuss your pharmaceutical calibration requirements and discover how your firm can enjoy the reassurance of knowing your manufacturing project will start on time, on-site and on budget.

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