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Who We Are

We are PharmaMatrix, LLC, a North Carolina-based, full-service provider of technical consulting to the pharmaceutical products manufacturing industry. Having worked on both the client and consultancy sides, we have firsthand knowledge of the challenges and complexities of pharmaceutical technology used to bring a process beyond testing and prepare it for full-scale manufacturing.

We are driven by the opportunity afforded to us to help others through our involvement with the production of life-giving drugs and apparatus, and the reward of working closely with the facilities and technologies available to help solve problems in the pharmaceutical industry.

Working with us provides your company with significant benefits, including the capability to scale up or down painlessly while focusing on your core business. Leverage our expertise, gain confidence and peace of mind while you free up resources and create new efficiencies.

Early Beginnings & Commitment

PharmaMatrix, LLC, was founded in 2004 based on a vision to provide innovative solutions focused on our customers’ needs, and our intention to fundamentally transform the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in central North Carolina and beyond.

We believed then—as we do now—that by leveraging our proven knowledge and expertise in commissioning, validation and engineering, we can help pharmaceutical manufacturing organizations speed up development, gain efficiencies, avoid disruption and maximize uptime.

In addition, we daily practice our commitment to delivering superior customer service and our desire to obey God’s will, serving others in deed and truth. We believe firmly that these are the reasons PharmaMatrix, LLC, has become a valued partner in the pharmaceutical manufacturing automation field.

“Let no man seek his own, but every man another’s wealth.”

1 Corinthians 10:24

Our Core Values

Based in the Research Triangle Park and serving Raleigh, Durham, Wilson, Rocky Mount and the surrounding areas, PharmaMatrix, LLC’s expertise is matched only by the principles governing everything we do.

Our personnel are committed to providing the highest level of quality services, delivered on the basis of the following core values:



Striving at all times to act with our clients’ best interests at heart.



Showing gratitude and respect.



Treating others as we want to be treated.



Maintaining a strong work ethic.



Through standing by our word.



Acting like true professionals.

We show commitment to providing unwavering service until the end. Through diligent project management and a deep understanding of pharmaceutical technology, we move your process beyond testing and into full-scale production and automation.

Service Delivery

PharmaMatrix, LLC, addresses each project we undertake with a life-cycle approach. Starting with a well-documented methodology to ensure consistency from scope development through validation, we provide proven execution systems and the appropriate documentation packages related to commissioning, validation, start-up, equipment service and pharmaceutical manufacturing automation. With our substantial pharmaceutical technology experience, we deliver qualification, validation and calibration services that ensure accuracy and repeatability.

  • Tap into our expertise.
  • Free up your resources.
  • Benefit from our proven experience.

From project build-outs to ongoing, long-term staffing, we have the versatility and skills you need and we are ready when you are. We will help you advance processes related to your pharmaceutical products with care and efficiency, minimal disruption to your staff and the personal touch we are known for delivering.

Why Choose Us?

  1. At PharmaMatrix, LLC, we are ready from day one and can handle all aspects of a project from scope and process development through validation and beyond.
  2. We immediately maximize your project’s investment and labor resources.
  3. We work for you and to advance your project. Period.
  4. We maintain a team of engineers, project managers and innovative consultants who have a proven track record of delivering results in pharmaceutical products and processes.
  5. We are nimble enough to cater to an individual client’s needs. Get the tailored service you demand.
  6. We make it our business to understand the inner workings of your business.
  7. We understand fully how inexperience can slow development and progress. To that end, we go to great lengths to ensure we have the right people in the right place, every time.
  8. Our calibration team can perform metrology, calibration and field maintenance on a variety of instruments.
  9. We aim to exceed expectations through ultra-responsive service and local support.
  10. We instill confidence in all we do and seek to develop long-term relationships built on trust.


Contact us today to discuss your pharmaceutical commissioning requirements and discover how your firm can enjoy the reassurance of knowing your manufacturing project will be able to start on time, on-site and on budget.


*All engineering services, including automation and controls, instrumentation design, and commissioning and validation, are provided by associated entity KWW Engineering, PLLC (P-1686).

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